Unsung heroes

There are certainly some extraordinary people in the world, who do great things and make fantastic discoveries which change the way we live our lives. I am certainly grateful for this people. But as I go about daily life, I encounter often people whose name will never be published in anything and who themselves probably think their actions insignificant, but to me they are great so I give this tribute to them along with my sincerest thanks. These are the people I mean:

Those who open the door and hold it open for as long as it takes for me, and stroller, and however many children happen to be walking with me to get through it.

The lady who picked my crying 2 year old out of the mud and carried him for me as I wrestled holding a baby, carrying 2 bowls of ice cream, while trying to direct my other children to a place to sit down.

The drivers who pay attention and slow down when they pass my children walking or riding their bikes.

People in church who offer extra hands to hold a squirming baby so I can contain my other children.

People who say kind words about my children’s behavior. This is a great encouragement to me, as I have many days when I wonder if I have taught them anything about respect, courtesy, or manners.

People who ask if they can carry something for me when I’m obviously struggling to get everything and everyone to the same destination.

My mom, who graciously cleans my messy house whenever she comes to visit, and does it without making me feel like the world’s biggest slob.

My husband, who generously gives me a break to go out completely alone and stays home with all our children after working all day.

There are many others I’m sure I’m missing. But these people are a tremendous blessing to me and make my life so much easier. Thank you with all my heart.


About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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One Response to Unsung heroes

  1. Miranda Riley says:

    This is so true! There are so many people out there who help each other every day.
    Someone once complimented my kids for sitting so nicely in a restaurant. It brought to my attention that I often fail to praise the positive behavior but often DON’T fail to get on to them when they are behaving poorly. Thanks to that lady, whomever she was, for reminding me of that important fact!!

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