Is it time to get up?

It used to be a great mystery to me why children hate so much to go to sleep. As an adult, I tell myself I would love for someone to tell me on occasion, “You’ve worked hard today and you look tired. Why don’t you go rest for a while and when you get up I’ll fix you a snack.” But just as I sometimes reject this offer when given (usually postpartum when my mom is visiting) because of something I feel needs doing, this is also the case with my children, who always ask when rest time is announced if it will be a short one, even if they look as if they can’t hold their eyes open another minute. Gabriel is often found exclaiming, “I’m not tired!” only to be sound asleep within minutes of being put in bed. It is not uncommon for Jack to stumble upstairs not long before rest time should be over. When he appears in such a manner, rest time is automatically extended at least 10 minutes from the time of his appearing even if it is almost time to get up, because he so obviously needs to go to sleep and always does if I send him back to bed. Perhaps this adult need to accomplish something–wash the dishes, read a book, etc. that keeps us from the rest we (sometimes obviously) need isn’t so adult after all. The children too have their own work to accomplish, and taking time away to rest is sometimes hard for us all.

About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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One Response to Is it time to get up?

  1. Miranda Riley says:

    So true! Not wanting to go to sleep is something I deal with nightly – I have so much I want to do!!

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