What goes on in those little minds?

The boys and I took a recent trip to the Twin Cities for a play date with a friend of mine and her children. On the trip we began listening to the book, “Anne of Green Gables,” on CD to help pass the time. The boys were much more attentive to it than I expected them to be and almost every time we’ve gotten in the car since then, they’ve asked to listen to it. Even Gabriel, though not asking for it, has been quiet in the back seat. We finished the book today on the way to guitar lessons. Whenever I read (or in this case listen) to this book, I always find myself in an awkward place at the end as I read about the death of one of the characters in the story–I’m always either in public or going somewhere and have to hide my tears which is impossible for this momma whose face gets splotchy at even the hint of a tear. Isaac asked about this event in the story so we had a brief discussion about getting old and our bodies wearing out and dying. Then we finished the story and arrived at guitar and in we went.

Leaving guitar class we walked out to see a fire truck pulling up and EMT’s getting out to help a man who was lying (conscious) on the sidewalk. Figuring I wouldn’t be much help with five small children accompanying me, I let the EMT’s do their job and we proceeded to the car. As we were leaving, our path home led us past the scene of the emergency where they were preparing the man for transport to the hospital. Gabriel, seeing the man lying on the ground called from the back seat, calmly called out, “Momma, someone’s dead!” I thought this was a strange statement for him to declare so matter-of-factly, but it just occurred to me that he was simply putting our earlier discussion and the present picture together. And once again I am amazed at all that goes on in those little minds.

About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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One Response to What goes on in those little minds?

  1. Granddaddy says:

    And you have to wonder what goes on in there that never turns into a comment – so you just never know. 🙂

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