Traveling Tales

Yesterday we left home at 6:20 AM (only 20 minutes after our intended departure time) and made the long drive to my parents’ house in Western Kentucky. The boys had helped to pack their own snack bags and when they were requesting the timer be set for them to have their first snack before we even got buckled in the car, I should have foreseen the coming constant questions, “Has the timer beeped yet?” and “Why is it taking so long?” On a previous trip the regular snack intervals seemed to help pass the time, but this time it made it seem endless. I changed strategies halfway through and finally told them they could eat their snacks at whatever pace they wanted but when they were gone that was all. I am proud to say they still had snacks in their bags when we arrived in Owensboro sixteen hours later.

We passed much of the time listening to Tales of Winnie the Pooh which the boys enjoyed a great deal. They were delighted to hear and recognize A. A. Milne’s name from one of the poems they memorized in school. I must confess the stories didn’t do a lot for me and I wished they’d enjoyed the Just So Stories more, though the story where Pooh writes a hum about Piglet and Piglet, thinking of the noble words Pooh wrote about him rises to the occasion and selflessly gives up his own home for Owl. The boys’ favorite part was when Pooh sat on Piglet.

Really they travelled remarkably well, and aside from the nagging over snacks and frequent comments regarding the soreness of their backsides (which I could certainly relate to) the trip was without issues. We made only one premature stop for a bathroom break. The extent of fighting was limited to the disagreement between Jack and Gabriel as to whether or not Gabriel should be allowed to put his feet on Sebastian’s head and since Sebastian for the most part didn’t seem to mind feet on his face even this was pretty minor.

We stopped at Cracker Barrell for supper. I can’t help feeling a bit like a mother duck leading her young when we go places like this. People stop and watch our little parade and I’m always a bit amused at the expressions I get which range from admiration to disbelief. I was stopped at least twice by people asking if they were all my children. My proudest moment of the day was at Cracker Barrell when shortly after sitting down at the table someone announced he needed to use the restroom. Not wanting to parade the whole group back through the restaurant, I took him to the bathroom leaving the others but Sebastian at the table. I waited in the middle between the bathroom and the table so I could watch them all and am pleased to say those remaining at the table sat quietly and politely without any correction needed while I was away. We relaxed a bit on the porch where there just happened to be five little rocking chairs all in a row.

When we finally did arrive they quickly made up for their long confinement and after greeting my parents enthusiastically, disappeared downstairs to play while Sebastian explored the living room for all the objects he shouldn’t play with and got acquainted with Paco. After a wrestling session with Grandpa, they finally went to bed not long before midnight.


About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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One Response to Traveling Tales

  1. Miranda Riley says:

    Glad to know your first day of travel was safe! We are so looking forward to seeing you all again!!

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