Isaac, M.D.

The boys had been in bed a while when Isaac comes downstairs on a mission.
“Stephen’s finger hurts really badly.” (This due to his fingernail being cut too short when he squirmed during the cutting process.)
I explained, “His nail is too short, but there is not really much to do about it.”
Isaac looking very serious asks, “Can I put a band-aid on it?”
“Yes,” I answered.
“Okay. Goodnight.” And off he went to save his brother’s finger, while Adam and I tried to contain our laughter until he closed the door behind him.


About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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