Camp Nonie & Grandpa

The week after Father’s Day I drove to meet my mom in Tennessee to hand off the boys for a week of grandparent camp. In preparation I made a list for myself of things I hoped to accomplish, knowing I wouldn’t come near to completing them but trying to give a little balance to work and play.  The first order of business was to enjoy the silence of the empty car for the first hour and then to catch up with some friends.  On the way back into town I stopped to have a quiet visit with my friends, the Peelers, and then headed home for a run with Adam followed by a quiet dinner.

The rest of the week was balanced with projects and time spent with Adam, relaxing and resting. It was a much-needed rest.

The boys didn’t miss us at all, as Nonie and Grandpa kept them well occupied.  Here is a recap of their week, given by my mom’s facebook status updates:

Camp Nonie-Gramps is underway! I met Wendy for lunch Monday to pick up the grands.They happily spent the 3 hour drive watching “Little House on the Prairie”. When we arrived home, I was asked two questions: “Will you pull my tooth?” (I did), and “Can we have some junk food?” (Not now). We walked Paco, then the boys played pool, played on the piano, and played “Operation” while I fixed dinner. After dinner, it was off to the library and Dairy Queen with Grandpa, while I went to the funeral home and made a grocery run. After stories and prayers with Nonie, it was off to bed.
Day 2 of Camp Nonie: We started the day with breakfast on the patio: pancakes, bacon, and orange juice with a cherry in the bottom of the glass. First stop was to the Barber shop for haircuts, then on to the Owensboro Area museum for “Kids in the Kitchen”, play time, and lunch. We picked up Courtney on the way home, where they put on their suits and ran through the sprinkler. That led to the splash pad and play area at Legion Park. Home again for a video while Courtney and I made supper, which included a cherry pie AND brownies. (Gotta use the oven effectively in hot weather.) They are now in bed, though Jack is the only one sleeping. JfkhEpm7rGWLqliS_gBJ3iw2Tn3_bLX2XuRqFyytdTM VmaGjNmKkWafI261q-rJPTSnF7LTGY3HRdiExHBYvsI,2WpkUOfRpIn1hO5aRQ51CkljQBj6OrBfFXvnsyQQuJU wLciOG27l-VkdIFQmEOxxSK96p7v4e-uFQ6tWAwthqg
AJZYBSQ06B9smlRwx_j7tQLwXQwH815Hh0zqUcRVRWYCamp Nonie/Gramps, Day 3: Started the day by picking 3 buckets of blueberries. Then it was shopping with Nonie: new shoes for everyone, T-shirts to decorate tomorrow, and lunch, complete with ice cream for dessert. This afternoon was shop time with Grandpa. They each made a Jacob’s ladder. We rounded out the day with board games, computer games, and stories. (Trying to play Life with a 3 & 5-year-old in the mix is exhausting.)6IuGpI-_CMYD3cBLPHG8FImtTXdrkOuDanB-f7kkOM8 IMG_1616



Small children, lots of blueberries, and upset stomachs do not go well together. My bedding will never be the same.
Camp Nonie-Gramps, Day Four: Today was much lower key, mainly because Gabriel had a fever and upset stomach. We did all work on decorating T-shirts this morning. I read to Gabriel, played Life with Stephen, took Sebastian on a grocery run, and helped Jack with Sudoku puzzles. The grands took turns working on their next shop project with Grandpa (pan pipes), and Randy took four of them swimming. Wendy arrived late tonight, so we’ll have an extra adult helping the rest of the week. Gabriel has seemed much better tonight, and no one else has come down with it.IMG_1617 IMG_1619
Camp Nonie-Gramps, Day 5: We started the day with horseback riding lessons at Party Ponies. Then it was home to cool off in the sprinkler, lunch, and an hour of rest (It was wonderful.) The afternoon was spent decorating the back of their T-shirts, finishing up their shop projects with Grandpa, and some computer games. We went out to the Western KY Botanical Gardens this evening for the Dazzling Daylily Festival. The Daylilies were gorgeous, but the grands preferred the bouncy slide, watching the big balloons, and eating cotton candy.3iWONefRruie_S5o_z8bYY20VBSBW2aScEH_7xHYg0Y,FMywRdvkuoD0tj0UJj6az_8KC3OdYl3j1J4A0Vg72UM qFC31nfwisHDVSpclFhlGgK2tBsWfeJ9hu1MvWBG2aE,eJ1O5Nm4R-yRCTiM9rP-u9EGEs_XGp-LBSvhcmqiDNU uAfNx0Azk5kj7IUtmfMf-ALarKkmaLBmcK_ckjwgSxo,BaylINFfryl4dluSkw8TNRdRt7YvKF3C8J-oTxzPBX8 vfzaxFy5z3gMrYXveoGJ5qg8c6RWwjF8xPOKO5Ut3oc vVT_Lnxnh16Mm9zk_RavmG_Y0rL4vUDLng_XjbtNAww,XqR8Y-Km-ehF7_N53hLo87LduIa25_UMEfftsT9y_NIIMG_1625 IMG_1629 IMG_1633 IMG_1639
Camp Nonie-Gramps, Day 6: Blueberry pancakes for breakfast, then we headed downtown to the Lazy Daze Park and splash pad. We stopped at Bee Bops for lunch, then dropped the grands back home with Grandpa while Wendy and I went out for lunch and shopping for Sebastian’s birthday gift. After a birthday dinner and cake, we finished up the day with movie night (Charlotte’s Web). They head home tomorrow morning, and the house will be very quiet. It’s been a grand week with the grands.IMG_1648

About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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