Christmas 2015

IMG_7068My parents came in the day before Christmas Eve. I looked forward so much to them being with us. We hadn’t spent Christmas Day together since the twins were little and I was glad they could be with us for Christmas Eve service and Christmas Day.  After church on Christmas Eve the boys opened their Christmas pajamas and a set of Scooby Doo dvd’s before going to bed. IMG_7058

I had read an idea for an all day Christmas buffet where you put food out and people eat as they please so no one is stuck in the kitchen. Mom brought food to share. Of course, our tradition is that the boys make monkey bread on Christmas morning, so our buffet started at lunch.

We opened stockings first.This was always Mom’s favorite part when Robin and I were growing up. She would wrap everything and we would pull things out one at a time and try to guess what it was. We didn’t wrap things, but she enjoyed shopping for stocking things again. The highlight was a telescoping magnet in Isaac’s stocking. He played with it through the rest of the present opening.

Gabriel and Sebastian Isaac Isaac Jack Stephen

Some of the boys had been very busy leading up to Christmas making presents for people. Jack designed a Smurf beanbag toss for us brothers and cut and painted it.


Gabriel designed a candle holder for Adam, book weights for Isaac and Stephen, and a picture and pizza toss for Jack and Sebastian. He is still collecting corks to make a cork board for me.

IMG_7115 IMG_7128 IMG_7105 IMG_7108

Sebastian colored and folded a great number of pictures for people.


While at my parents house, Jack made me a set of serving boards. Being caught not so off guard as I was when he made me the bird feeder last year, I didn’t cry, until I looked at the bottom where he had signed his name and the date.


I had been anticipating for a couple of months what my parents were giving me. My mom said one day in October that she needed ideas for Adam and the boys, but not me because Dad had already thought of something for me. I was left for 2 months wondering what in the world it could be. My dad doesn’t usually choose my presents, let alone 2 months ahead of time. At last the anticipated moment arrived for me to open my present. It left me speechless–a track saw like the one my dad has. I used it when we put in the floor and borrowed it again to work on the kitchen and I hated to give it back. It cuts straight and well and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m going to cut off my fingers. And now I have one of my very own. I’m not sure who cried first–me or my dad.

IMG_7140IMG_7147 IMG_7148

Also much-anticipated was the boys present from Adam and me. There had been some desire expressed by several members of the family that we needed a pet. Cats and dogs are out do to allergies. There had been some talk of a reptile, but I was resolved not to be a participant in the care of such an animal and told them that was between them and Adam. Sebastian had put in a request for a baby. When he was told that was out of the question he requested a dog, and then a guinea pig. I had very fond memories of the guinea pigs I had growing up and the boys had seen guinea pigs at school and didn’t seemed to be bothered by them, so I picked one up the night before Christmas Eve and hid him in the garage until Christmas.  After all the presents were opened, they sat in a circle on the floor and I put our little piggy down in the middle. After a day’s discussion over names which included Percy, Peter, and Guinea Pig, we all settled on Percy, named after Percy Jackson who apparently is turned into a guinea pig in the book at some point. We are a month out from Christmas now and we are still enjoying him very much.


The days activities were far from over after opening presents. There were Legos and rockets and robots and trucks to assemble. There were bracelets to make and pictures to draw and books to read and Percy to watch and play with.

IMG_7182 IMG_7181 IMG_7178 IMG_7175 IMG_7174 IMG_7159 IMG_7133 IMG_7114 IMG_7112 IMG_2122


About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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