Camp Nonie/Grandpa 2015

Another week of Camp Nonie/Grandpa has come to an end. The boys had a terrific time and we are happy to have them back home again.

Here is a recap of their week, according to Nonie’s Facebook status:

Day 1 of Camp Nonie/Gramp: we started with breakfast–pancakes, bacon, and orange juice with a cherry in it. Then it was on to the Malco to see “Turbo”, Ritzy’s for lunch, to Hobby Lobby for craft supplies, and on to the library. We hung out at home for a couple of hours, then Randy took them to U-Bounce while I fixed supper. After that, it was baths and a story, then bed. We haven’t heard a peep out of them since.

Day 2 of Camp Nonie-Gramp: Isaac, Stephen, and Jack attended Science camp at the Area museum while Gabriel and Sebastian enjoyed Smother’s Park. After the camp, we stayed at the museum for lunch, then stopped for haircuts for the younger two. This afternoon was spent running through the sprinkler, watching a video, and making garden stepping stones. Grandpa helped finish the day with fireworks.

Jack, Gabriel, Stephen


Day 3 of Camp Nonie-Gramps: Stephen, Isaac, and Jack went back to their science camp while Gabriel attended art camp at the fine arts museum. Sebastian and I took the time to grocery shop. Then it was home for lunch, with root beer floats for dessert. We tried swimming this afternoon at a friends, though with the exception of Gabriel, they just sat there and shivered. After a “Nonie dinner” (Isaac’s term, which he says means “lots of food”) they painted their Camp Nonie-Gramps T-shirts. It was a fun day, but my bedtime story reading ritual has been replaced with, “Bedtime! Everybody into bed!”Isaac, Stephen, and Jack Sebastian Gabriel

Day 4 of Camp Nonie-Gramps: Isaac, Stephen, and Jack went back to their science camp while Gabriel went to his art camp. Sebastian and I ran a couple of errands, with a stop at Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone. This afternoon, we hung out at home, worked on their T-shirts a bit more, and played Cool Math. Gabriel and Randy spent some time in the shop, building a bed for Gabriel’s stuffed mouse. Then we packed a picnic supper and headed out to Party Ponies for a couple of hours of horse fun. The temperature had cooled, and the treeline provided enough shade to make it very pleasant. The 5 boys were sharing 3 horses, so the ones who weren’t riding could eat. They had a blast. Both the younger ones fell asleep on the way home.Gabriel Jack IMG_0295 Isaac Stephen IMG_0420 Gabriel

Day 5 of Camp Nonie-Gramps: After the rather chaotic monkey bread breakfast session, Randy took them to the library to exchange their stack of books for another stack. We had a light lunch (They were still full of monkey bread) and headed to the museum for a science lab. They identified a mystery “criminal” by identifying hair under a microscope, studied their fingerprints, and created a sample of their DNA, which they brought home. We ran off some energy in the playzeum for a bit, then walked to Bee Bops for an ice cream cone. Once home, they unmolded their stepping stones and put them in my flower bed, and did a LITTLE light weeding for me. Gabriel finished his mouse bed, and Jack started a box for his rock collection. The twins buried their noses in the library books. Then supper, baths, and a movie to end the day. They were just tucked in, and I’m headed for bed myself (as soon as I throw the last load of clothes in the dryer).Stephen and IsaacJack and Grandpa

Day 6 of Camp Nonie-Gramps: We went to church this morning, then out to subway for lunch. This afternoon we attended T.W.O.’s children’s production of “Pinocchio”. The kids enjoyed it, but were quick to point out it was different from the book. Jack finished his box for his rocks, and we made ice cream, which is now in the freezer. Randy has taken them to a park for a while to run off some steam. When they get back, we’ll have ice cream, baths, and gather stuff together for the trip back to meet Wendy tomorrow. It’s been a great week!Jack

And what did Adam and I do in our week without children? Adam did his normal work and additional work on special projects. I cleaned, scraped off wallpaper, painted both bathrooms, pressure washed the front porch, and painted the porch rails. We also managed to find time to see a couple of movies and go out to dinner a few times.  We had a great week too. We picked the boys up today. As always they seemed bigger than when they left a week ago. Many thanks to Mom and Dad.


About Wendy McCollum

I am a single mom to five wonderful boys. Life is an adventure, with many twists and turns. We live in hope, always, for our great God can redeem all things. There are so many funny and precious moments that slip by too fast. Perhaps here I can save them for when my own memory fails.
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