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Sebastian’s 6th Birthday

There is a strange transformation that happens between five and six. Children somehow go from that pre-school look to that grown up school kid look. Here is Sebastian last year:Here he is now, with his long arms and legs: Birthday … Continue reading

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Isaac and Stephen’s 11th Birthday

Isaac and Stephen were the first of the children to celebrate their birthday in Vienna. I wasn’t quite sure how to hold a birthday party for many children in our small apartment so they just invited a few friends.  We … Continue reading

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Salzburg: Our First Trip Out of Vienna

a The Monday after Easter we took advantage of the end of Easter break and boarded a train for Salzburg.  It was our first time since our arrival that we journeyed outside of Vienna. I thought it might be easier … Continue reading

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Easter in Vienna 2016

We were glad to share our first Easter here in Vienna with Kathy and some good friends. In the days leading up to Easter I learned a few new things. First, in addition to Christmas markets, Vienna also has Easter … Continue reading

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“Gingerbread” Houses

The boys have always enjoyed decorating gingerbread houses. Last year we deviated from the traditional flat houses I have always made and attempted three dimensional houses. It was terrible.  This year we had to be creative. I couldn’t find molasses … Continue reading

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Schönbrunn Zoo

January 2nd we all packed a lunch and headed back to Schönbrunn Palace, this time for a trip to the zoo.  It is the oldest zoo in the world, established in 1752. We met up with friends who had been … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve in Vienna

This New Year’s Eve the boys and I ventured out for their first ever New Year’s Eve party at our new friends’ house. They played and pillow fought, roasted and ate countless marshmallows and lit sparklers. They caught their marshmallow … Continue reading

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